What's the Secret To Sports Betting

What’s the Secret To Sports Betting?

What’s the secret to sports betting? That is the question millions of people who lose betting on sports would like an answer to. Those who win already know it well.

Many believe the answer to be simple. That is, that the answer must lie in some special psychology that only they possess. For example, they believe the juice in the drinks they drink before a big game can affect the outcome. Worse, they believe being able to mentally control their emotions can effect how they bet.

What they don’t know is that the sports betting public already knows the answer to their question. They are betting under the assumption that their emotions must first convince them of the correct answer before they would ever be convinced to make the necessary mental and emotional effort to make the correct bet.

In other words, the perspective gamblers bring to the table with their bets is merely a psychological trick. They can’t conceive of the other perspective, much less do they care to look for it. And it’s far easier psychologically to convince yourself than it is to convince the world of what you actually think and feel.

If you think about it logically, there could never be a system for gambling that would not work. You can’t possibly build a program that would win every time, so how could there possibly be a betting system for sports that would guarantee it would work?

Many published sports betting systems clearly target the problem of making consistent bets, at an advantage of 53% or more. Once you target a goal at 53% or more, there truly is no way to lose. Even if you happened to hate your job, you could yet place bets at a 55% or more win rate and be perfectly happy with your life and finances.

The sports betting secret to winning lies in the psychology of the players.

The first staff that springs to mind when you hear the words gambling, chance, luck, and psychology are all mental concepts. They build on each other in a complex tangle of well-pelled, well-worded intentions. When you hear of the words “chance,” “luck,” or “Dewavegas,” that is precisely what they mean.

Even the word “atheism” has a cognomenon related to the subject. Those who do not believe in a God of any kind are sometimes referred to as “atheists.” That’s a mighty big paragraph to comprehend, so I’ll rate it one point, and move on.

If you’re reading this, you probably think you’re a gambling nut with no sense of reality, so the idea of a betting system that works can’t be that far off. One system you might have heard about that works with some frequency is the number 15. Well, I hope that cleared a few things up for you.

If you’re an affiliate of a sports betting site, you know that it’s important to place more bets on popular numbers, like theCredit Crunch, or even the High/Low numbers onGood Friday. The basis for this is more than just a matter of coincidence. Casinos (or should I say bookies) want to play when people are more likely to be drawn to the casino, and avoid when people are likely to be drawn away from the casino. Easy enough to guess, right?

These days, I believe that more people are betting the stock market than sports. And, the number one betting concern of all is casino play. The higher your edge, the more money you can make. I wrote an article a few months ago about why online casinos are legalized by the state of Nevada and not by the federal government, which used the same principal as the one I talked about above. Easy enough, huh?

And, this is all without claiming that it’s illegal to operate an online casino. It’s just something that frame-up casinos with strong appeal to Vegas style action (read: lots of betting) and strong appeal to Main Street style action (read: lots of wagering) by getting around the law. It’s a clever tactic, really, and one that politicians, regulatory bodies, and the general populous have had a hard time dealing with.

All of this is to say that having a roulette system for craps, blackjack, roulette, or any other game you can place a bet on, is something that you should have. Here’s another thought – what are the most popular games in any casino, remember? I’ll bet you know the answer.

Then, why do you need roulette? Maybe you’ve got a certain number in mind that you want to bet on, but you’re not sure. Let’s say you’ve got a dozen in mind. Betting on a dozen here sounds like a pretty good play, doesn’t it?

Then the thought crossed my mind that I should bet against the dozen that I’ve got in mind.