Win Big With the Powerball 5 - 50 Millions Game

Win Big With the Powerball 5 – 50 Millions Game

Are you in need of some Fun Cash? Do you love the idea of working from home and making piles of money? Then 50 Millions Powerball 5 has just the deal for you.

Powerball 5 is a Game of chance – just like any other Dewalive. It is Multi-State Lottery that is being played in more than 51 States. The Multi-State Lottery was started in the year 1996 in the U.S. It has since grown to include names such as Washington, Ohio, Georgia, California, Nevada, and New Jersey. With the growing number of participants the price money Increase has also increased significantly. In fact, the Powerball 5 jackpot price has gone up to as high as $300 Million.Millions of people daily take part in some or even all of the games.

The game jackpot used to be based on the number ofotto tickets sold. This game now also allows many different kinds of bets to increase your chances of winning. Unlike the normal lottery game, Powerball 5 gives you the chance to predict the total number of correct numbers. You could either choose the modeling or the thrill free route – you could either predict the Total Numbers by yourself or allow the computer to randomly choose the numbers for you -Enjoy!

Some statistics suggest that Powerball 5 has the most odds in winning the jackpot prize at 1 in 120,000,000. Those odds may not sound like all that bad but keep in mind that this is only a prediction. For the actual odds you can see it available in the lottery results.

In the new Powerball 5, you can now purchase your tickets online. You can choose the format you like best – a strip ticket or a ticketbook. And once you have selected the format, you can print out the ticket Book or square ticket accordingly.

The price for Powerball 5 tickets used to be $1, and now it’s up to you to buy them. You can either choose to use the QuickBuy ticket option which makes it quicker and use less your money, or you can opt for the standard ticket options including the Xtra Life, Advance Powerball, Game Totals, Daily Double and Mega Millions.

If you’re buying for the first time, you can play on the Xtra Life option to enhance your play. Choose from six lucky numbers to play from; a golden ball, a gold ball, a diamond ball, a ball of fire, a water ball and an image of the Virgin Mary.

Of course, there are different versions of Powerball 5 available – including a five spot version, a 6 spot and a 9 spot. The 9 spot is the same as the 9 spot in the powered version of the game.

As before, the screen displays your 14 selected numbers, the gold Powerball 5 number, the red Powerball 5 number and a power ball that defines the Jackpot. The power ball should be matched to one of the 14 numbers displayed. If you have a blackjack – remember that you have to pay $5 and get the red Card to have a blackjack. The minimum prize is $500,000 with the following distribution: $250,000 if you have the exact match; $500,000 if you have a 39 spot match; $750,000 if you have both the red and the black Card; and $1,000,000 if you have the red and the black Card.

There’s also the new Play 4. It is the same as Play 5 except that the power ball is the Jackpot. Play 4 has a slightly different payout as well. $1,000,000 can be won, giving the largest payout in the Play 5 game.

The graphics and the sounds of the Powerball 5 game are great fun. The 3D animation of the lolling calculator makes the game very interesting.